This album is dedicated to the life, legacy and memory of my mom, Virginia Wheeler (March 18, 1940-May 16, 2016. On a sunny day in February 2016, I was concluding my visit with her and as I was leaving she said, “Yall gonna have to take it from here…” This album represents exactly that, realizing how short life is and pushing on to do greater things than the prior generation…living out your dreams and harvesting the best of your talent…simply making it happen.

I am immensely thankful and honored to have been in the presence of the great talent that appears on this album. Steve Cunningham (first, because he’s from the Roc) ,Ryan Kilgore, Marcus Williams, Chris Burroughs., for Tiana Miller and Chris Irvin for you’re their help in completing Aint’ Got Time For You and making it current and relevant to today’s urban style.

Once again, it was an absolute pleasure to team up with my longtime friend and former band mate. Brother confidant, mentor, Eric Wesley Jackson. This project WOULD NOT have gotten done without him. …I can never repay you man

I gotta thank my other right-hand man, my youngest son, Christopher. There were times I’d be humming an idea to add to a song and he’d abruptly say NO!, I really needed that honesty and candor….no artist should surround him/herself with people who just love everything they say or do. Last, but not least, a huge thank you to my wife, Pamela, and kids, and all those that provided inspiration and energy for this album…you know who you are. LOVE!




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